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7.5mg Cannabis Capsules - Rene x Nepalese
Ganja Wise - Purple Indica Cannabis Capsules

7.5mg Cannabis Capsules - Rene x Nepalese

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7.5mg cannabis capsules. Made with Rene x Nepalese marijuana ... more
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Brand Ganja Wise
Product Details

Ganja Wise 7.5mg Cannabis Capsules - Rene x Nepalese. Made with Rene x Nepalese marijuana. Whole flower used.

Rene x Nepalese – A warm and uplifting hybrid of the renowned BC ‘Rene’ clone crossed with our stellar male landrace from the highlands of Nepal.

This unique plant is a smooth sailor that brings comfort and relaxation while engaging the senses in all the right ways

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7.5mg Cannabis Capsules - Rene x Nepalese

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