Cannabis Calendar Sweepstakes

Get your tickets today for our Cannabis Calendar Sweepstake in celebration of our fifth year anniversary of our popular cannabis themed advent calendar. Win 1 of 3 calendars from our original fill options (flowers, edibles or 50/50). 

Tickets are: 1 for $3 / 2 for $5 / 3 for $6 and can be purchased during checkout or by opening a support ticket with our customer support team.

Total prize value is $900*

* approximate retail value including shipping

Winner must have an account in good standing & up to date to receive prize.
Prizes lost or stolen in delivery will not be resent or compensated.

Last day to purchase tickets is Oct 15, 2021
Calendars start shipping Nov 10th, 2021

Odds of winning are based on total tickets sold.



Calendar Winners are as follows :

1. James W - N.T

2. Dustin H - BC

3. Brendan R - AB