High Dose Since 2017

From day one we have provided our medicinal clients with high quality, consistent thc infused candies & chocolates.

We know that for many of you 10mg is not enough, which is why we have always stock a wide assortment of medibles ranging from 5mg - 400mg.

Lately we have been adding a a few new high dose brands that we are excited to share with you.

Boost Edibles come in an easy to carry tin that holds 15 gummies in dosing from 10 - 20mg and come in 6 different flavors. 

High Dose makes a pack of 2-100mg gummies in Cherry or Raspberry

Grandpas Double Dose Candies are 10 per package with a total dose of 400mg

Lastly we now have in stock Sinful Delights 200mg chocolate truffles, but be careful these pack a punch for their small size.