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F*ck Covid Variety Pack

F*ck Covid Variety Pack

 Regular Price $1,000.00 Special Price $499.99

F*uck Covid Variety Pack. $500 in savings!

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Brand Coast2Coast
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$500 in SAVINGS!!

Trying to save money? Tired of Covid? 

Coast 2 Coast has created a special care package to help get you through this!

This limited time offer wont last long! Savings of 50% off cannabis, magic mushrooms & edibles with this awesome variety pack :)

28grams of assorted cannabis strains (strains vary, indica, sativa and/or hybrid). You'll receive anywhere from 6 - 20 different strains

20grams of assorted magic mushrooms strains (strains may vary). You'll receive between 6 - 20 different strains to try. (Blue meanies, Penis envy, Texas orange caps, Texas Yellow Caps, Chuck Norris, Jedi Mind Fuck, African Transkei and Golden Teachers, and more)

1 x 500mg THC chocolate bar. Flavors vary. (Milk, White, Dark, Mint, Cookies & Green, Toffee & Strawberry Cream)

2 x 60mg THC truffles. Flavors vary (Kahlua, Baileys, Red Velvet, Raspberry Cheesecake). Will come in hybrid, indica or sativa.

4 x 140mg THC Sinful Delights Chocolate bars. Flavors vary. (Milk, White, Dark, Mint, Hazelnut, etc.)

2 x 200mg THC Sinful Delights Chocolate bars. Flavors vary. (Milk, White, Dark, Mint, Hazelnut, etc.)

6 x 75mg THC Sweet Jane Cookies. Flavors vary. (Oreo, Sweet on You, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter pie, Carrot Cake, Coconut Cream, Mint Cream, they come in milk, white and dark chocolate)

1 x 150mg - 500MG Shroom Edible 

10 x 20mg THC Gummies. 

1 x 50mg THC Freezies. Assorted flavor. Made with rosin. (If we run out we'll sub for CannaCo freezie)

1 x 50 - 75mg THC Chocolate treat. Made with premium distillate.

1 x 2.5mg - 30mg THC Sinful Delights Henry's THC Cookie Crumble

4 x 5mg - 25mg THC Sinful Delights Luxury Truffles (Milk, White and Dark Chocolate available), many flavors. 


**No substitutions, no codes or offers can be used on top of this.

Recommended to upgrade shipping during spring/summer months and purchasing ice pack(s) to help prevent edibles from melting.





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F*ck Covid Variety Pack

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