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Sweet Jane Peanut Butter CBD or THC
Infused Peanut Butter CBD

Sweet Jane Peanut Butter CBD or THC

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Infused Peanut Butter CBD or THC ... more
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Brand Sweet Jane
Product Details

Sweet Jane Edible’s Smooth and Creamy Peanut Butter, enjoy it on toast, a peanut butter and jam sandwich or add a boost to your smoothie, mixing a tablespoon or two to a few other delicious ingredients is the perfect way to pack in the protein and treat yourself at the same time.

Choose between CBD (400MG CBD per Jar. 50 MG CBD per tablespoon) or THC (400MG of THC per Jar. 50 MG THC per tablespoon.).

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Sweet Jane Peanut Butter CBD or THC

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