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Superfood Multi Vitamin Microdosed Shroom Caps
Superfood Multi Vitamin Microdosed Shroom Caps

Superfood Multi Vitamin Microdosed Shroom Caps

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Superfood Multi Vitamin Microdosed Shroom Caps

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Superfood multi vitamin microdosed shroom caps are a new item and already a top seller for good reason. These capsules are made with organic ginger, natural lion's mane, organic ashwagandha root powder, blend of psilocybin, organic fermented superfood blend (organic spirulina, organic cabbage, organic cauliflower, organic spinach, organic black currant, organic raspberry, organic mulberry, organic broccoli, organic carrot, organic beet, organic grape, organic kale, organic sea buckthorn, organic pomegranate, organic sweet potato, organic apricot, organic bitter meon, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic clove), organic isomalto-oligosaccha-rides(VitaFiberTM fermented prebiotic bifre), organic mixed berry flavor, organic red beet, organic pomoegrantate flavor, organic fermented cocoa bean, organic stevia leaf extract, xanthan gum, beta carotene, vitamin A,D2, E, K2,C,B1, B2, niacinimide, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, folate, biotin, choline (bitartrate), inositiol, betaine hydrochloride, para aminobenzoic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc (citrate), iodine, manganese, potassium, chromium (citrate), selenium, molybdenum (citrate), vanadium (citrate), goji, organic acai, indian gooseberry, mangosteen, prune, blueberry, raisin, cranberry, strawberry, acerola, guava, black currant, elderberry, mango, green tea extract 2:1, white tea extract 2:1, bilberry extract, grape seed extract, quercetin, tomato extract, citrus bioflavonoids, rutin, hesperidin, rosehip extract 8:1, apple extract 4:1, plantain, rosemary extract 4:1, red wine extract 8:1, pumpkin seed, corn silk, piperine, non-gmo soy lecithin (identity preserved), flax seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, orange oil, rosemary oil, clove oil, thyme oil, oregano oil, cinnamon bark, hydrolyzed collagen (bovine skin/hide)

You will not get high off of these capsules if taking responsibly. It's recommended to take 1 - 3 caps per day. Sold individually. 

Boost your gut, hair, nails, skin and mental health with this multi vitamin and mineral, antioxidant capsule.

On sale now for a limited time only.

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Superfood Multi Vitamin Microdosed Shroom Caps

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