Utopia Haze Sativa Pre-Rolls
Utopia Haze Pre-Rolls

Utopia Haze Sativa Pre-Rolls

Durban Poison Sativa Pre-Rolls. 5 joints per pack. ... more
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Utopia Haze cannabis strain by Barneys Far is a 90/10 Sativa it has a sweetly fruity and spicy mint flavor with a citrus herbal exhale. The aroma is sweet and earthy with a woody, berry overtone that becomes more pungent as nugs are burned. This bud has small forest green nugs with furry orange hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes. Utopia Haze has been used to help with glaucoma or eye pressure, arthritis, migraines, and chronic pain. Great for daytime and evening use.

Type of High : After taking a few tokes of the Utopia Haze cannabis strain, you immediately feel the high hitting you with a strong cerebral lift. With time, you begin to feel very high and your body will start to fall into deep relaxation.

Parents : Grass Dream and Brazilian Sativa
Potency: 20.00/22.00% THC 0.50/0.60% CBD
Pack includes :5 joints. Choose between .5g or 1g

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Utopia Haze Sativa Pre-Rolls

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