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Shop online for THC, CBD, 1:1 infused milk chocolate.

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  1. 10PC. Valentine Gift
    10PC. Valentine Gift
     Regular Price $109.99 $99.99
  2. Boost THC Milk Chocolate On Sale
    Boost THC Milk Chocolate On Sale
     Regular Price $29.99 $27.99
  3. Budget Bag
    Budget Bag
     Regular Price $30.00 Special Price $19.99
  4. Cannabis Infused Christmas Stocking
  5. Cannabis Infused Dreamy Coconut Bar - 75mg THC
  6. CBD Christmas Stocking
  7. Chocolate Swirl Bars 50mg THC
  8. Christmas in Wonderland Stocking
  9. Cupids Hot Box
    Cupids Hot Box
     Regular Price $144.99 Special Price $99.99
  10. Dixie Botanicals Kicks - Chocolate
  11. Euphoria Milk Chocolate Indica Shatter Bar
  12. Euphoria Milk Chocolate Sativa Shatter Bar

Items 1-12 of 75

Set Descending Direction

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