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Euphoria Milk Chocolate Indica Shatter Bar
Euphoria Extractions Milk Chocolate Indica Shatter Bar

Euphoria Milk Chocolate Indica Shatter Bar

Milk Chocolate Indica Shatter Bar

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Euphoria Extractions Milk Chocolate indica shatter bar is the the perfect solution for you edible needs. With 24 squares, these bars are easy to manage and contain a potent 250mg, 500mg and 1200mg of lab tested full spectrum extract sourced from the finest cannabis available. If you choose assorted we'll send you a radom strain in the milk chocolate.

Choose between 250mg, 500mg and 1200mg THC

Indica edibles are perfect for relaxing and bedtime.

250mg = 10.42mg THC per square

500mg = 20.83mg THC per square

1200mg = 50mg THC per square

Tolerance may vary. Consider eating 1/2 a square of infused chocolate and waiting up to 2 hours to feel its effects before consuming more. The experience may last for several hours.

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Euphoria Milk Chocolate Indica Shatter Bar

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